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Specification and Requirements of Silicon PU Courts


      Silicon PU courts are basketball courts, tennis courts and other courts made of silicon PU materials. So what are the specifications of the silicon PU courts? What are the requirements for the foundation of the silicon PU courts laying? Foshan GRK will tell you the specifications and requirements of the silicon PU court.

Silicon PU courts are divided into silicon PU basketball courts, silicon PU tennis courts, silicon PU badminton courts, silicon PU volleyball courts and other venues according to different usage requirements. The specifications of various venues are different according to their marking lines.

Silicon PU stadium specifications are generally 3mm, 4mm, 5mm thickness, and a single-layer silicon PU material needs 3-6 kg per square meter. The composite silicon PU court specifications are generally 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and other different thicknesses.


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The general foundation requires a concrete foundation or an asphalt foundation. The flatness reaches that the error under the ruler in 3m is no more than 3mm. It has a certain strength, no chalking, no sand, no cracking, no separation of the shell, no delamination, no oil return. The cement foundation cuts the shrinkage seam in accordance with the requirements of the silicon PU court. The asphalt base is suitable for paving with low oil content. Must all reach the curing period. Set a certain drainage slope and so on.

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