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Standard for construction and acceptance of sports venues


Recently, the Zhejiang Sports Facilities Construction Industry Association, the Sports Science Research Institute of the Zhejiang Sports Bureau, and the Zhejiang Education Logistics Infrastructure Association jointly issued the "Standard for construction and acceptance of sports venues" in Hangzhou to further improve the construction level of sports venues in Zhejiang Province and ensure the sports safety of athletes and students.


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Based on the GB36246-2018 "Sports areas with synthetic surfaces for primary and middle schools" jointly issued by the Ministry of Education and other departments to prevent quality problems in sports venues, as well as the revised standards issued by the National Standards Committee and the State Administration of Market Supervision GB/T14833——2020 "Synthetic materials sports field surfaces" standards, etc., the Zhejiang Sports Facilities Construction Industry Association specially took the lead in formulating the "Standard for construction and acceptance of sports venues" that are compatible with these national standards and are indispensable in the "Sports Engineering Construction and Completion Acceptance", in order to make these national standards more detailed and operable.


The formulation of the standard, invited experts from all parties to participate, is strictly followed the national "Group Standards Formulation Process". It took 4 years and 5 drafts to be changed and finally completed. The content covers architecture, municipal administration, organic chemical industry, sports technology, engineering construction technology and more insights. Aims to guide, restrict and standardize the construction behavior of sports venue engineering construction enterprises; provide effective methods for project supervision to control the quality of the project; provide operational support for the relevant personnel of the project party who participates in the construction site management; at the same time provide all levels of the province Sports venue construction projects of various schools provide the basis for completion acceptance.

The formulation of this standard is based on the requirements of the national standards for physical and chemical indicators of individual sports venues. The construction of the foundation and the surface layer has standardized process requirements and quality control requirements; at the same time, the data for the completion and acceptance of the project shall be collected, sorted, and filed, which have been made with detailed operability arrangements, and generally resolves the contradiction that there is no uniform standard for the acceptance of norms. (Zhejiang Sports Facilities Construction Industry Association)

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