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What are the common problems with the finished acrylic court?


After the acrylic court is completed, it needs to be used for a long time, and due to weather and other reasons, there will inevitably be some problems that need to be repaired. What usually happens in the repair process?

1. The phenomenon of blistering occurs within half a year after completion, which is due to the weak foundation and high water vapor on the ground. Or the primer is not applied evenly. In this case, after exposure to the sun, the water vapor above will be stripped from the foundation ground, resulting in blistering.

2.   The surface color is not evenly with white effect. The main reason is that the humidity is high or water is encountered during the construction process. In this case, the top coat can be repainted. When repairing the acrylic court, pay attention to the weather conditions and avoid the temperature being too high or too low during construction, otherwise it will affect the repair effect.

3. Prominent particles appear on the surface of the acrylic court, mainly due to the influence of external factors during the construction process, resulting in the infiltration of debris, dust and other debris. In this case, you can use an angle grinder to polish it and then apply a top coat.

4. The cracking of the acrylic court may cause the court to crack due to the unclean treatment of the cracks or the insufficient toughness of the material, or the thermal expansion and contraction of the weather. Cracks can be repaired with caulk.

When repairing the acrylic court, it is necessary to keep the site clean, so that the court has better dust-proof, wear-resistant and sun-proof properties, so as to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the court.

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