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Design Specification for Stadium Track Drainage System

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Excellent stadium track is a systematic project. High quality rubber surface is attached to the qualified athletic track foundation and perfect drainage system. Only after the completion of the athletic track can it achieve the use effect. So foundation construction is very important for laying athletic track.


1. Sub-base requirement ;Concrete or AC asphalt are available .The compressive strength is more than 3000Psi, with good flatness (Take 2m aluminum magnetic level rule and wedge feeler measure ,the maximum tolerance is no more than 3mm).The drainage slope shall be 003--0.08%.The new concrete surface must maintenance at least 28 natural days.

Stadium drainage

2. Precautions for construction of drainage ditch:

1) The structure of the drainage ditch complies with the relevant national "synthetic rubber track construction design standards" (including the size of the ditch body, the size of the cover, the elevation of the ditch bottom, etc.).

2) Settling wells in the drainage ditch at intervals of 20-30m should meet the design requirements.

3) The design of the drainage ditch cover is single-hole or double-hole design. The drainage ditch cover should be installed firmly without swinging. The gaps between each cover should be evenly distributed (about 10mm) and smoothed with cement mortar.

4) The inner wall of the drainage ditch shall be treated with waterproof mortar and ash in strict accordance with the waterproof requirements.

5) The movable manhole covers on the drainage ditch cover (including the sinking manhole cover, the water section door manhole cover, etc.) should be installed firmly and easy to open.

6) The compactness of the foundation backfill of the outer wall of the drainage ditch should reach the standard of more than 95% to prevent the settlement and deformation of the ditch from causing the rubber deformation or cracking between the ditch and the athletic track.

7) If the water supply system is installed in the drainage ditch of the rubber track at the same time, the water supply pipeline should be installed firmly and reliably. In the cold weather area, the water supply pipeline should be insulated and antifreeze treatment.

8) After the construction of the rubber track drainage ditch is completed, the plane error between the drainage ditch cover and the ground foundation on both sides of the ditch shall not be greater than 2mm, and the slope requirements shall be met at the same time without affecting the smooth drainage.

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