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220V Electric Paver EPDM Electric Trowel Rubber Track Manual Ironing Board

Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Shipping: FOB China port by ocean
Unit Price: USD100-500/ set
Delivery: 3-5days
Votage: 220V

The bottom is stainless steel, and the middle heating plate is formed at one time, which is easy to clean, just use a gray knife or soapy water to clean it. The handle is a 0.9-meter two-section galvanized pipe, and the head of the paver has a 40CM length connector, with a total length of 2.2 meters, plus an anodized insulator, which is safe and practical!

granules paver machineEPDM application tools

The difference between normal trowel and electric paver:

Trowel: slow speed and low efficiency. The worker squatted on the ground all day, tired.

             uneven surface,with man traces,many interfaces

Electric paver: fast and efficient, the workers are not so tired.

                 smooth surface, no trace, short time and few interfaces.

220v paver machineelectric paver machineSBR application paver machineElectric trowel

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