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Rubber running track completion acceptance and acceptance process


1. The completion acceptance of the rubber running track project shall meet the following requirements:

(1) The quality control data shall comply with the relevant provisions of this code:

     a. Inspection quantity: check all projects;

     b. Inspection method: check quality acceptance, concealed work acceptance, test inspection data.

(2) Sports protection, durability and use function should meet the design requirements:

     a. Inspection quantity: check all projects;

     b. Inspection method: check related inspection records, visual inspection, and on-site measurement.

(3) Appearance quality inspection should meet the design requirements:

     a. Inspection quantity: check all projects;

     b. Inspection method: visual inspection.

When all parties participating in the acceptance check have objections to the project quality acceptance opinions, they shall raise them within 3 working days and submit them to the acceptance organization unit for reconsideration or coordination and settlement by the competent department.

After the completion of the rubber track project is qualified, it is recommended that the construction unit should submit the project completion acceptance report and related documents to the industry association for filing.

2. Rubber running track acceptance process


Read in detail the relevant information of the sports venue that has been reported to be accepted (if only the surface layer is to be accepted, only the surface layer information needs to be submitted), and focus on recording the relevant data: such as the radius of the venue, the perimeter, the number of tracks, which items are installed, the type of stadium, relevant data in the test report of the physical and chemical performance indicators of the synthetic surface and so on;


Check the testing equipment and tools;


To hold a regular meeting before acceptance, the following content can be arranged: The meeting format can be determined according to the needs. Mainly focus on introducing the steps of testing and acceptance;


Participants in on-site acceptance: acceptance experts, representatives of the construction unit, designer, supervisor. The builder of the rubber track should answer and pay attention to the problems found;


Statistics and fill in the acceptance report;


Convene an acceptance report meeting, participant includes acceptance experts, representatives of the construction party (Party A), designer, supervisor and representatives of the builders of the running track;


Establish modification plan;


Participants in the acceptance shall sign on the acceptance evaluation form;


Establish modification plan and implementation steps;


Determine the modification items;


Modification implementation;


The modification report shall be submitted to the acceptance organization unit, the contents of the modification report shall include: the construction unit, the construction unit of the rubber track, and the supervisor and management unit signed and sealed. It also explains the modification content one by one, and attaches the photo information before and after the modification.

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