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Such behavior makes the rubber track "very hurt"


At the end of last November, the Huancheng River Fitness Track in Taizhou, Jiangsu was officially opened. The total length of the fitness track around the city is 10.4 kilometers, including 8.7 kilometers of the inner city river and 1.7 kilometers of the Beicheng river. The original permeable asphalt, burning boards and bread bricks have been upgraded with high-standard colored rubber floors.

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According to reports, the Huancheng River fitness track adopts the domestic advanced composite color matching of three EPDM particles under the same color system, which not only has good elasticity, but also has the advantages of no glare, and durability. Among them, the fluorescent three-color track and the seven-color rainbow fluorescent square use elastic fluorescent particles, which can present a brilliant starry sky fluorescent effect with the assistance of related lamps.

However, before it was officially put into use, the Huancheng River Fitness Track was injured and damaged like a "ground scratched by dogs".

In last October, the track was still under construction, and a small number of anxious citizens walked on the track that still wet, causing damage to the ground floor to varying degrees.

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Some netizens said: "I went for a walk by the Chenghe River in the morning and found many older people dancing on the soft track, practicing boxing, fishing, and some were purely sabotage, dragging the ground with their feet... .. not caring about the track that just took shape, still not cured."


This kind of rubber track requires one-time molding to ensure its smoothness. Once the pavement is formed, wait for it to cure and it can be used after 48 hours. However, such sabotage will damage the one-time process, which will affect the overall project quality after re-repairing. Even if it is repaired, the load-bearing capacity of each unit area is different. In the future, due to thermal expansion and contraction, it will lead to undulations and cracks.

In this regard, the person in charge of the construction said: "This kind of construction and destruction will eventually lead to the lack of integrity of the entire construction process, which will directly affect the quality of the project. If the track cannot be fully recovered, when spring comes and the weather gets warm. The entire track is easy to get loose.” Moreover, even if it is repaired, it will lead to a decline in the function of the entire track, affecting the use of citizens.

After the sabotage, the construction team reworked the damaged track. In order to prevent the recurrence of such accidents, the construction party also adopted measures such as hard fence blocking, posting notices, playing voice prompts through small speakers, and dispatching additional personnel to take care of the key road sections for 24 hours. Finally, in November, citizens saw the long-awaited new track.

Increase the construction of public sports facilities to meet the needs of citizens for physical exercise. This is a project that benefits the people. The ultimate benefit is the general public. It is hoped that the general public can support the smooth progress of the people's livelihood project.

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