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General Administration of Sports: National standards for outdoor body-building equipment&sports park


The General Administration of Sports of the People's Republic of China on April 7 issued the "Key Points of Sports Standardization in 2022". The sports standardization will be based on the requirements of the "National Standardization Development Outline", focusing on serving a strong sports country and a healthy China, and focusing on the work of the General Administration of Sports in 2022. Play with high quality to the basic and leading role of sports standardization in promoting the development of mass sports, competitive sports and the sports industry.


Foshan Wisdom Park has introduced new leisure sports facilities such as rock climbing hillsides and swings to meet the daily leisure and fitness needs of young people.

The "Key Points" focuses on the development of standards in key areas, and continues to promote the development of relevant standards such as competition training, event activities, ice and snow sports, and venue opening. Promote the standardization of public services for national fitness, and publish a number of national and industry standards such as outdoor body-building equipment, sports parks, the opening of public sports facilities, mountaineering fitness trails, youth sports clubs, and guidelines for organizing competitions and participating in competitions.

According to the national standard information public service platform, the national standards "Safety for outdoor body-building equipment - General requirements" and "Configuration requirements for sports park" are currently in the drafting stage. The main drafting unit is the Sports Equipment and Equipment Center of the State Sports General Administration.

After the release of the new mandatory national standard "Safety for outdoor body-building equipment-General requirements", it will replace the old version of GB 19272-2011 "Safety for outdoor body-building equipment-General requirements".


The "Configuration requirements for sports park" will standardize and guide the configuration of fitness facilities in various sports parks, and promote the orderly development of sports park construction through standardized means.


Li Jianming, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, recently stated that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the State Sports General Administration plans to make overall use of various central funds to promote the construction of 2,000 sports parks and other fitness facilities across the country, and complete 5,000 township and street sports and fitness facilities to make up for shortcomings. The project will make the national fitness facilities more equitable and accessible to the people.

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