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What are the characteristics of the Silicon PU court?


Silicon PU court, a kind of court commonly used in schools. The silicon PU surface layer is dense, with moderate hardness and softness. It is not easy to crack, peel, fade and whiten. The court can be kept as clean as new for a long time by simple washing. What are the characteristics of silicon PU court?

1. Professionalism:

The performance of upper hard and lower bounces is a professional structure designed for healthy exercise. One of the important purposes of the construction of the court is to provide professional, safe and healthy sports conditions for sports, and only a field with rigid characteristics can bring a professional sports feeling;

The elastic sports surface can effectively increase the sports buffer and reduce the injury of the athletes' ankles, joints, and ligaments caused by the ground reaction force. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the accidental sports injuries caused by falls during sports. A professional sports structure that is hard and elastic, but not soft.

2. Environmental protection

Implement the national standard for the limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials: GB18581

(1) It is a one-component silicone modified polyurethane, which is cured by water absorption and does not leave harmful chemical components.

(2) The surface layer is made of synthetic resin, water-based material, and recognized environmental protection material.

Silicon PU has become a healthy and professional elastic court material recognized by the market. It depends on the full consideration of the hygienic and environmental protection performance of the material during research and development. The "National Limits of Hazardous Substances for Interior Decoration Materials" (GB18581) is the inspection standard. Both elastic layer and strength layer are a one-component silicone modified polyurethane, which is cured by water absorption and will not leave harmful chemical components; the surface layer is a water-based material, which is recognized as hygienic and environmentally friendly.

After the sampling inspection by the National Building Materials Testing Center, the complete set of silicon PU materials fully meet the national limit standard for harmful substances in interior decoration materials, and have passed the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification (Type I) issued by the Certification Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China. type logo and enter the government green procurement list.

3. Practicality

More than 10 million square meters of silicon PU courts are being jointly verified

Superior weatherability

Silicon PU will not fade, harden and soften due to environmental changes such as outdoor high and low temperature climates, and can maintain its bright color for a long time even in climates such as strong ultraviolet rays, ozone, rain and high temperature differences.

Super wear resistance

The original water-based surface layer of silicon PU can ensure the permanent and stable appearance and structural characteristics, and the wear resistance can meet the needs of long-term high frequency of use.

Excellent stain resistance

The silicon PU surface layer is tough and dense, which is not easy to be scratched by the sole or other hard objects, and the court can be kept as clean as new for a long time by simple washing.

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