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What are the venue management of the rubber running track?


The rubber running track is different from our ordinary running track, and we should also pay attention to protecting it in daily use. So, what are the best ways to manage the venue?

1. Those who enter the venue must wear sports shoes. Barbells, dumbbells, shot puts, discus, javelins and other equipment must be used in special sports grounds, and training on rubber grounds is strictly prohibited.

2. Avoid prolonged stress. Prevent severe mechanical shock and friction to avoid weakening and deformation of elasticity. The first and second running track close to the inner edge are often used, and should be restricted in normal use, and obstacles can be set up when necessary.

3. It should be used reasonably according to its scope of application. Generally, it is only used for special training and competitions undertaken by the venue.

4. The site is made of polyurethane-synthesized plastic elastomer. All kinds of motor vehicles should be prohibited from driving on it to prevent dripping oil from corroding the rubber surface. It is forbidden to bring explosive, flammable and corrosive items in, and no piercing and cutting are allowed. To keep clean, smoking and spitting is strictly prohibited to avoid pollution of harmful substances.

The above is the main content of the venue management of the synthetic rubber running track. I hope it will be helpful to your use.

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