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Discussion on Construction of EPDM Patterns Flooing


As a well-known sports floor, rubber flooring has been popularized from universities, middle schools and primary schools to parks, communities, greenways, children's playgrounds and other places.

The raw material of the rubber track is EPDM, and the construction process is to mix EPDM with glue and pave it evenly. As a raw material, EPDM has various characteristics such as environmental protection and various colors. We can also see it in many places. The patterns of EPDM flooring are also very colorful. These are the crystallization of workers' labor. Then let's briefly talk about the advantages and disadvantages of pattern construction.

The advantages of EPDM flooring patterns construction are obvious. The patterns are rich and colorful. No matter adults or children, they like it very much. What are the disadvantages of EPDM flooring pattern construction?

First of all: EPDM pattern construction is difficult and complicated, and the works are time-consuming and labor-intensive, which will increase the cost.

Secondly: EPDM conventional colors such as red, green, blue, etc., are relatively stable and not easy to fade, while yellow, white and other colors will gradually fade with the passage of time and ultraviolet radiation. For these colors, we recommend using it as a collocation only, and it is not recommended to use it in a large area.

Third: In the construction of EPDM pattern, after one color is ready, another color is made. There will be seams between colors. After all, it is not paved at the same time. It is inevitable that the overall paving effect is better. There are seams between the two colors, which will also leave quality hidden dangers for the future.

Fourth: The EPDM flooring is constructed according to the size of the site. For small sites, we recommend simple patterns. For large sites, some simple and large patterns can be made. Site patterns should match colors and lines, not the more the better, otherwise, it will give people a disorganized feeling

Based on the above, when we design and construct EPDM flooring, the more patterns are not better, but we must adapt measures to local conditions and match colors properly so that the patterns can have the finishing touch.

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