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What are the skills of acrylic court materials construction?


At present, acrylic court has become a court material certified by FIFA and Tennis Federation at the same time, which shows that it has very broad development prospects. As people expected, acrylic courts have been widely spread in China, and it is believed that there will be greater development in the future.

Four tips for painting acrylic court materials:

When painting acrylic court materials, we must first pay attention to the problem of paint selection. For the same court material project, we should choose the same batch of acrylic court materials, so as not to cause inconsistency in the color of the project when painting later.

When adjusting the color of the material, pay attention to sufficient mixing, because only when the mixing is even, the quality of the project will be better.

Pay attention to temperature control when painting acrylic court materials. The temperature can be controlled at 15.6°C to 26.7°C, and the effect produced in this way is beautiful.

When painting, it should be completed in one go, and the work should not be stopped halfway while painting the same surface, otherwise it is easy to cause joint traces on the coating of the court.

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