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※ Discoloration of grass fiberThe quality of grass fiber is unqualified, for example, the addition of anti-ultraviolet (UV) agent and anti-aging (amine) agent is too small;The formula of grass fibe...
The water of the site should be cleaned up in time. In winter must keep the surface of the rubber track dry at all times. Especially at night the rubber track is very easy to freeze, rubber track s...
There are two types of foundations commonly used for artificial turf sites: asphalt, concrete and gravel, the type to be used is mainly determined by the local climate and budget. Asphalt foundatio...
In winter, synthetic running track materials should be placed indoors and classified and stacked. If they are not placed indoors, they can be placed in an outdoor dry environment to ensure that the...
The average thickness of the colored EPDM flooring system is 13mm, the bottom is made of 8mm black SBR granules, and the top is made of 5mm colored EPDM granules.
Silicon PU court, a kind of court commonly used in schools. The silicon PU surface layer is dense, with moderate hardness and softness. It is not easy to crack, peel, fade and whiten. The court can...
The shape of the track involves geometry and trigonometry to make it easier for runners to enter and pass through turns.
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