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The importance of leveling the foundation of a synthetic courtTo build a good rubber stadium, the foundation is very important. The foundation is the first step in the construction of the stadium. ...
Why EPDM track or Spray coat track do not bubble ?In the market, there are EPDM track, spray coat track,sandwich track, Full PU track, and prefabricated track .It sepereted by permeable and non-per...
The synthetic running track of the stadium has a large area, and the rainwater from the surrounding auditorium also flows into the venue. The venue must be used as soon as possible after the rain. ...
Synthetic material surface
Pave the polymer composite material layer with sports function and sports protection function on the construction base (2.1.7) such as asphalt concrete or cement concrete.
Children are always curious about new things When planning a children’s playground One of the most important design principles is to use "children's eyes to see the world" Children's psychology, pr...
Spray coat track is one kind of economic,easy installation,stable quality and environmentally friendly running rubber track.It is widely adopted by customers.It is generally used in China as high a...
The cleaning and maintenance of the rubber playground running track is very important. How to clean the fallen leaves on the running track? Cleaning with a cleaner is by far the best method:1. Brus...
Application of SBR granules on rubber trackThe quality of the SBR granules will affect the use effect of the Synthetic rubber track. Therefore, the selection of good SBR granules is very important ...
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