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Why do you need to add EPDM granules to the kindergarten rubber flooring? Everyone may be puzzled. In fact, it is beneficial to say that EPDM granules are added to the kindergarten rubber flooring....
The choice of floor materials is often the easiest to be overlooked in the gym decoration design, but the choice of floor materials is very important for a gym. Gyms are generally indoors. Although...
The Unique Feature of Silicon PU stadium Silicon PU stadium material is a patented stadium material with multi-functional sports and construction advantages. Through technologies such as modified s...
What events can be held on the rubber track?Athletic is one of the most popular sports inthe world, and it is also the sports with the longest history. The so-called"Athletics wins the world", then...
Types of sports stadium structures and construction arrangements between processesThere are many special competitions in the construction and construction of the sports stadium venues. Each special...
The problems encountered during the construction of the rubber track and the treatment measuresrubber bulging, delamination from the foundationAfter the rubber track is finished, local or large-are...
The curing principle of one-component silicone PU is moisture curing (or called water vapor curing), so the glue forming medium on site is water vapor. During the construction process, the material...
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