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Silicon PU court, a kind of court commonly used in schools. The silicon PU surface layer is dense, with moderate hardness and softness. It is not easy to crack, peel, fade and whiten. The court can...

The shape of the track involves geometry and trigonometry to make it easier for runners to enter and pass through turns.

EPDM rubber track requires one-time molding to ensure its smoothness. Once the pavement is formed, wait for it to cure and it can be used after 48 hours. However, such sabotage will damage the

Curling, also known as sliding stones on a sheet of ice, is a throwing competition on ice as a team. It is a Winter Olympic competition and has a curling world championship. There are 2 events for ...

Rubber running track completion acceptance and acceptance process

The synthetic running track of the stadium has a large area, and the rainwater from the surrounding auditorium also flows into the venue. The venue must be used as soon as possible after the rain. ...

Synthetic material surface
Pave the polymer composite material layer with sports function and sports protection function on the construction base (2.1.7) such as asphalt concrete or cement concrete.

Children are always curious about new things When planning a children’s playground One of the most important design principles is to use "children's eyes to see the world" Children's psychology, pr...

Spray coat track is one kind of economic,easy installation,stable quality and environmentally friendly running rubber track.It is widely adopted by customers.It is generally used in China as high a...

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