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Spray Coat track introduction


Spray coat track is one kind of economic,easy installation,stable quality and environmentally friendly running rubber track.It is widely adopted by customers.It is generally used in China as high as 60% .How much do you know about spray coat track? Today let’s make a detailed explanation for you.

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Spray coat track structure by PU binder as primer,rubber granules(SBR granules or EPDM granules)mixed with binder as the bottom layer,the top coat is by spray EPDM granules with PU materials.The standard thickness is 11-15mm ,normally the color is red, green or blue.Red color is more popular due to the UV resistant.

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Compared with others style rubber track(sandwich track,full PU track,perfabric track,EPDM track),spray coat track is the most economic rubber track,both suitable for indoor and outdoor ,concrete subbase and asphalt. It is very easy to install, the weather requirement is not too high ,after rain,only requested the surface dry ,then it can install again,no need to wait till the whole floor total dry. It dont have bubble during application.

Due to the structure,it belong to permeable track, the finished track surface have hole ,it can permeate water by itself.After rain,spray coat track have good drainage systemthe surface, it dont have waterponding.Athletic can run immediately after rain,the use efficiency is improved,the lifespan more than 5years,it has strong weather resistance and is suitable for all weather used. It recomend to the non-standard stadium,school, training center.

The performance characteristics of Spray coat track

1. Strong UV resistance

2. It has a strong elastic layer which can effectively avoid sports injuries and is not easy to be scratched by the sole and other hard objects

3. Wearing resistance and aging resistance,to meet the requirements of long-term high frequency use

4. Excellent weather resistance,light resistance,and water resistance which can improve the efficiency of use

5. The color is durable,does not easy to fade.

6. Strong strain resistance,easy to clean and maintain.

Spray coat installation method:

1) Clean the subase

2) Brush the binder

3) Apply the Rubber layer, 8kg SBR granules mix with 1kg binder,and apply by paver mahicne.It takes 8hours to dry.

Remark: Step 1,2,and 3 are carried out at the same time ;if profossion flooring engineer builder,it suggest to buy a professional 2.5paver machine. If you are the various engineering builder,in order to save the cost,buy a electric paver machine .

4) After 8hours,it begin to spray the top coat, Mixed EPDM granules,PU group A,PU group B,hardener and resin ,then spray by machine. It suggest to spray it clockwise and spray it counterclockwise total twice spray. It takes 8 hours to dry.

5) Line marking ,measure the size,positioning,and marking the line.

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